The AZCA President and Vice President were voted upon by Club Members at the March meeting. The remaining AZCA club officers were appointed by the President and Vice President and announced at the April Spring Crappie Fest meeting. Following are the current club officers:

Matt Rokusek (OneBlade)
I have been active member of the club since joining in 2011. I grew up in Nebraska fishing primarily for walleye with my family in small lakes in both Nebraska and South Dakota and moved out to Arizona in 1998. I got the fever for crappie fishing initially fishing the flotilla near Schoolhouse ramp at Roosevelt Lake with a 1983 Lund I bought off craigslist. My goals as President in the this season is to expand the visibility, benefits, and overall membership of the club to more Arizona fishermen.
Vice President & Secretary
Dave Thompson (sparkchaser)
Hi, my name is Dave Thompson. I'm originally from the Seattle area, and had only fished for trout and salmon before I moved to Arizona in 2001. I was introduced to crappie fishing and the club in 2007. I joined the club in 2008. We are a great group of folks who passion crappie fishing, but also enjoy telling stories next to a camp fire. I look forward to meeting you.
Tommy Rufrano (FishMan)
My name is Thomas Rufrano and I am originally from NY where I began my fishing passion in the salt chasing everything from Fluke and Flounder to Tuna and Swordfish. I moved to AZ in 1995 where I quickly adapted to our freshwater species. I’m most happy with a fly rod in my hand, and while I love our Crappie my passion is just as intense for all species. I’m a true believer that “The tug is the drug” and nothing makes me happier then catching a fish, any fish, the way I want to catch it.
Membership Director
Rick Hall (Kramer)
I grew up in Hawaii and fished fresh water streams as well as the ocean. I played high school soccer and was a cook for the airlines. Since moving to Arizona, I’ve traveled to Maine and fished north of Quebec for Walleye and Pike! I’ve fished many lakes in AZ and have enjoyed Alamo and Pleasant.
Director of Technology
Louis Fleming (PhishingPhreek)
I was born and raised in Phoenix and have fished our desert lakes and northern trout lakes since I was able to first cast a pole. I grew up primarily fishing for large mouth bass and fished numerous tournaments with my family, but around 2006 I had this itch to start crappie fishing, met many of the guys that would eventually build our club, and never turned around. I still love catching just about any fish, but catching crappie is my passion.
Tournament Director
Tim Fitzgerald (timbo)
I have been a longtime member of the club and have held numerous officer positions throughout the years. I am currently in charge of organizing our tournaments and derbies.