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My G&F Report 10-18-2010
« on: October 18, 2010, 11:22 AM »
Cooling water temps and good weather should get the Crappie to school up in open water and being their fall/ winter feeding patterns. This is the time of year you need to get ready for some serious trolling. Double grubs rigs tipped with minnows are normal trolling baits for Arizona Crappie anglers but crank baits can be deadly, especially when the bite is tough. However, as the schools go deeper, you may have to add some weight to get your bait down to them.

To prepare for winter time trolling you need to check over several things on your boat and your tackle. Check your batteries to make sure they are holding a full charge. Also, take the prop off your trolling motor to make sure there is no fishing line wrapped around the prop shaft. Fishing line can slow your motor down and create more of an amp draw on your batteries. It can also slowly eat through the face of the shaft bearing and ruin it. And of course, check all your safety equipment and make sure itís up to par.

On your tackle check over all the eyelets on your rods for nicks that could cut you line. Clean and service your reels and put fresh line on them. All this is easy and inexpensive to do and will save you aggravation on the water. You may also want to make up you double grub rigs ahead of time and keep them on a rig holder. This will save you tons of time when youíre fishing. Remember that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so be prepared!

Alamo- I havenít heard anything lately but Alamo is a great Crappie lake. I have had some of my best days trolling the cliff walls near the dam from late October to late February. Alamo also has great camp grounds which makes for a relaxing vacation spot or a long weekend camping.

Bartlett- I plan on spending a lot of time there this fall. Last year was very productive for me as SRP drew the lake level down. I seem to do better at Bartlett in the fall from mid afternoon to sundown. Plus itís close to home so you donít have to get up at 3 am to have a good day Crappie fishing.

Pleasant- The fall is a good time to try for Crappie in the back of Coles and Humbug. Try Castle as well.

Roosevelt- I havenít heard of any credible reports of more than 6 or so Crappie in a while. On Oct. 9 the Arizona Crappie Association hosted the 3rd annual Bob Hirsch Crappie Classic at Roosevelt. The weather was amazing but the fishing was brutal. Out of 9 boats only 5 Crappie were caught, 4 of which were from local guide Art Chamberlin of C&C Guide Service out of Tonto Basin. The good news is that all anglers found big schools of Crappie from 4í to 40í deep in somewhat normal October patterns. The trouble is that where you find Crappie, you find tons of shad. The lake is full and healthy and I expect a good late winter/ early spring there.

San Carlos- Anglers are still catching Crappie up by the dam. Itís not ďhot and heavyĒ but there is a bite. As long as the lake remains at about 10% or better, the pre-spawn bite should start by the end of January and should be awesome.

My 2 wildcard lakes this season are Apache and Talkalai. Talkalai is a small lake on the San Carlos Reservation that always seems to produce good winter Crappie fishing. The road in and launching can be a little rough so go prepared and make sure to buy a SC fishing permit before you get to the lake. At Apache look for sunken rock piles and man made fish habitat near Burnt Coral.   

This week I work from 2 pm to close at Bass Pro Shops in Mesa. If you need your reels re-spooned, some new gears or just want to talk Crappie, stop in and see me. I have Friday off and plan to try my luck at Bartlett.