Author Topic: Rod holders for UNDER @2.00 each!  (Read 5737 times)

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Rod holders for UNDER @2.00 each!
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:22 AM »
I made these out of ¾ inch PVC. Each holder consists of 2 – TEE’s @59 cents each and one, 4 - 5 or 6 inch tube (25 cents). Check the angle of your gunnel. Mine has a slight angle. Insert a piece of pipe into a tee and cut it with a chop saw (hack saw works too). Cut it so you don’t need real long mounting screws. Drill 2 holes for mounting screws. Find a good spot and screw rod holder to gunnel. Take your pipe and glue it to the remaining tee. Again cut the tee with your saw HOWEVER,,, this time just take enough off so your rod fits through the gap. There you are,, DONE!! You can mount as many holder MOUNTS as you want. You only need two holders per fisherman. When you’re not fishing you can remove holders and nothing gets in your way. These holders can be twisted to any direction you want or moved from mount to mount. In the pic I have one holder facing behind the boat (not in use) one set to the left and one set to the right. Another mount is not being used. When trolling, I put a 5ft rod in one holder and an 8ft fly rod in the other. The lines 3 feet apart. Turn the shorter rod holder a little and the lines are 5 feet apart for trolling. On those $34 rod holders you must reach over the side of the boat to put them in the holder. When you get a bite you must reach over the side again, pull the rod out of the holder and bring it back to you. Ever drop a rod in the lake??? I have. With these rod holders your rod NEVER is over the side of the boat,,, it slips in from the back. When you get a bite you just pull it back about 3 inches and you’re READY FOR ACTION!!! GREAT IF YOU’RE FISHING WITH KIDS!! I will be testing these for Stripers too. I think they will work just fine!
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