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Thread Highjacking
« on: March 29, 2014, 10:05 AM »
Along with our commitment to appropriate site content (see,703.0.html) we also want to make sure threads don't get highjacked. A friend of mine recently and unknowingly did this and his post was deleted. When he called me to question this I realized it was time to explain this on the board to possibly prevent this from happening to other users.

I'll try to explain without sounding like a jerk, so please don't take it that way. We simply want a website that is easy to follow with as much good content as possible.

Example 1:
Someone starts a new topic in the "For Sale" forum then someone else comments on this topic that he is selling something also. Not cool. If you want to sell something start your own new topic.

Example 2:
Someone posts a fishing report from Bartlett then someone post their report on the same thread. HIGHJACKED! Talk about the first report details, time of day, weather, lake levels etc and start a new topic about your report. This keeps things on point and adds more valuable content to the site. There's nothing worse (OK, maybe a few things) than following a fishing report for months to find out what's happening currently.

Example 3:
Piscolli posts in our AZCA clubhouse that he just got engaged and EVERYONE posts telling Judy to run for the hills. Someone pull the knife out of my back, quickly please.  :P

I was joking about example 3, Cousin lll is actually planing a shotgun wedding (shotguns for Judy not me) at SCF 2015.  :dontknow:

With years of experience on other sites as users and moderators we have learned a lot and seen a lot of BS. We want to keep our site full of fresh, new and appropriate topics so that all of you can enjoy it here. And we'd love to see you at an open AZCA meeting so you can meet the crew and maybe join the AZCA.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.   
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Re: Thread Highjacking
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It seems time to bring this up again.


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Re: Thread Highjacking
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Re: Thread Highjacking
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I once saw one eat a rocking chair. Can't go do with 3, not with 3......... :dance: