Author Topic: How to fix the Rapala electric fillet knife  (Read 7085 times)

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How to fix the Rapala electric fillet knife
« on: October 05, 2014, 03:58 PM »
After another frustrating cleaning station,,, I came out of retirement to re-engineer the Rapala knife. The problem with the new Rapala knife is the added safety fetcher on the trigger. Remove the safety pin,,, punch it out with a small nail. Next you need to disassemble the unit. After you take out the 3 screws,, you need to remove the black cover and remove the "secret hidden screw" too. You will need two, thin, flat screw drivers to pop it handle apart. BEWARE,,, be careful NOT to shake any gears out!!! Next,, carefully slide the trigger assembly out. Remove the top part. HERE is the problem. The thin steel in the trigger (used as a stop for now discarded safety pin) is hitting the wires from the trigger to the motor. Take it out,,, toss it. Next you will see a small tab on the left (in picture) end of the part. File it off,, it is preventing the trigger from being fully compressed. I can't wait to clean fish again!! P.S. I get $500 an hour to put YOUR knife back together.
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