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1-3-2011 Crappie Report
« on: January 03, 2011, 09:37 AM »
Me, Jay, Repo and everyone from the Arizona Crappie Association would like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year!

Let me start by saying I have very high hopes for Crappie Fishing this year. Last month we saw signs of some good winter pattern fishing. We also saw some good number of big slabs coming out of Rosey, Bartlett and Alamo. With normal weather between now and the spawn, I expect the best late winter/ early spring weíve seen in years.

As expected the storms last week did kill the bite. But it looks like we have good weather forecasted for the next week or so (according to and the bite should return quickly.

Alamo- This Saturday the Arizona Crappie Association will have its first gathering of 2011 at Alamo. It was the hot spot before the storms came and we expect it to get hot again. Most of us will be launching from the ramp by the ranger station that morning and camping out for the weekend. If youíre out there please stop and say hi.

Try trolling grubs and cranks by the buoy line up river in 25 to 35í of water. Start fairly shallow and slowing work your baits down until find a bite. I will also be trying around the cliff walls up by the dam. If trolling doesnít work then work a jig or spoon vertically in the trees up river.

Bartlett- A few Crappie were caught this past weekend trolling near Cat Bay and up river near the buoys. Bartlett should be great by the weekend if by mid-week.

Pleasant- Mixed bags of Crappie, whites and bass are being caught spooning in the back of Humbug Cove. Try Humbug, Coles and Castle Creek.

Roosevelt- From what I heard late last week Rosey was a great place for a snow ball fight but not much for Crappie Fishing. I talked to a couple guys from Pinetop yesterday that found big school of suspending fish (they figured they were Crappie) around Indian Point in 30í of water. The fish were stacked up like an upside down Christmas tree, which usually indicates in-active Crappie. A few were caught near School House but the number were only ones and twos. If good weather holds, Rosey should be great this weekend.

San Carlos- No reports

This week I work the early shift at Bass Pro Shops in Mesa. If you need any baits or just want to come by and shoot the breeze, please ask to see me. We can look at some lake maps and maybe help each other to find some good spots for this weekend.

Remember that there is more to fishing than catching big numbers. Get out and enjoy our beautiful desert lakes. Share info with others and learn from them as well. You donít have to give away your trade secrets, just share some basic info to get them started in right direction. For every tip Iíve given to someone, Iíve got 2 back from others. If we all practice good sportsmanship and obey the rules, there will be plenty of slabs for everyone.

For more information on Crappie Fishing and the Arizona Crappie Association, please visit our website at Or you can always come visit me at Bass Pro Shops.

To protect the future of our sport the Arizona Crappie Association practices and promotes the immediate release of all Crappie under 10Ē in length.

Bill (Piscolli) Eveland