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1-17-2011 G&F Crappie Report
« on: January 17, 2011, 12:14 PM »
Here is the report I sent to Rory this morning:

Well things did slow down but should get going soon if the weather holds. Some anglers have had success changing techniques while others have stuck to trolling grubs at about .8 mph. Iíve heard of a few people catching anywhere from 6 to 30 in the last week at Rosey and Alamo.

One technique that has been working well is an oldie that has been used in the southern US for years. With a good sized weight (1/2 oz) on the end of your line you put 2 baits above off of 3 way swivels and a small amount of leader. You can use grubs, tubes or just a minnow on a hook. Then you troll very slowly, about .2 mph. This allows your line to stay pretty much vertical and keeps the baits in front of the fish longer. Most of the time the Crappie in AZ want the bait at .8 mph but right now this technique is working.

Alamo- On 1-12 the AZCA had its first meeting/ fishing trip of 2011 with mixed results. A couple of our boats caught 12 or so, another boat got 4 and a couple of us got blanked. Unfortunately for me, I was one that got blanked. There was a good sized flotilla that morning in the river end and things were very slow. So me, Jay and Repo took a chance and ran up by the dam to try a couple spots. Well we didnít find any active Crappie and when we returned to the flotilla, we were told that they turned on when we left but had just shut off again. Just my luck right? We did manage to get 4 that Sunday before heading home and another of our boats that stayed into the afternoon got 18. Since then I have heard several reports of some pretty good sized bags. Give Alamo a try.

Bartlett- Things have really shut off there. And with the water level rising fast with cold muddy water from Horseshoe, I would expect it to get even tougher. SPR is currently dropping Horseshoe, this brings lots of water and debris so be careful out there. 

Pleasant- I still hear an occasional report of a few Crappie being caught spooning but nothing great. Try the back of Humbug Cove.

Roosevelt- Things really slowed down but seem to be picking up again. On either end of the lake you will find a good sized flotilla but the Salt River end seems to be the best. I fished there last Thursday and only got 1 Crappie and 1 bass. While out in the flotilla I ran into Art Chamberlin of C&C Guide Service and he had 4. There were some other guys that I saw boat at least 6 but must guys I talked to had 1, 2 or none. Look for Rosey to get crackin any day now.   

San Carlos- Last week LeRoy Price of Bass N Crappie Guide Service told me that some guys out of Globe had been doing OK there. I was told the water level is slowly coming up. When water comes in it can make the east end of the lake pretty muddy. This makes the water warm up much faster and can really turn the bite on. SC should go off big time by the beginning of February. Remember to get your San Carlos permit and there is a 25 Crappie limit there.
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To protect the future of our sport the Arizona Crappie Association practices and promotes the immediate release of all Crappie under 10Ē in length.

Bill (Piscolli) Eveland