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Re: Decent Boat Covers
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2015, 08:10 AM »
the sunbrella was the best ive had and it was pricey. it lasted about 5 years and it was not snug fit for travel just a sun shade but it remained watertight. I went cheaper last time I think cabells and its lasted three years but it lost its waterprooffing long ago and is just a sun shade. and not much of one of those now.
matt at one point I bought a system of ropes and pole and platform that ran from tip to tail with the platform makina a tent type deal to support your boat coaver. it takes up a lot of room in my garage if you want it Brenda especially but me too would like you to have it. let me know its just too much fuss for me to bother.
Thanks Tom for the offer!  I only have one problem spot and it's the back where I don't have a chair.  It sounds like the platform you're offering is a bit more than I want to mess with.  I made some structures out of PVC for my last boat but sadly I sold them with the boat I should have kept them.  Very easy to make so I think I may need to make 1 for this boat.  Sunbrella seems like the good brand.