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1-30-2011 G&F Report
« on: January 30, 2011, 09:32 AM »
Good news and bad news. Good news is that last week lots of Crappie were caught at Alamo, Roosevelt and San Carlos. The bad news is that there is bad weather on the way and it will surely kill the bite. Most AZ Crappie lakes take 2 to 3 days after a storm for the bite to get going again. In the case of Rosey, 3 to 4 days.

Alamo- Good numbers are still coming out of Alamo. And as we progress into spring it will only get better and better. Last week I talked to John, he’s a retired guy living at the lake for a few months. He told me that the flotilla on the river end of the lake is catching good numbers of big slabs spider rigging very slow. Pre-made “Crappie Rigs” can be purchased at most local tackle stores for less than $1 and are an easy way to set up. Use a 3/8 or ½ ounce weight on the bottom, put a minnow on both hooks and troll very slow.

Bartlett- No reports from Crappie anglers but bass guys have told me that the water is cold and muddy. SRP is dumping Horseshoe Lake and that brings lots of water and debris. Right now I wouldn’t venture up into the river end. It will be a while before I try Bartlett again.

Pleasant- No reports.

Roosevelt- Last week anglers reported bags from half a dozen up into the teens. However it seems that boating etiquette is out the window as most trollers are fighting for the same small area at the north end of the School House buoys line. 30 or so boats all trolling an area the size of a urban pond can make for a frustrating day. Break away from the pack; try Hackstack, Wye Cove, Windy Hill or Salome. There are Crappie in Roosevelt in places other than Schoolhouse. Look for flock of Grebes diving for shad. The Crappie should be close by.

San Carlos- Me and my buddy Gene (Perch Jerker) fished SC last Friday along with some other AZCA members in a flotilla of about 30 boats. We boated 26 good Crappie and missed/ lost another 20 or so. Results from the fleet were mixed; most guys did better in the early morning spider rigging. As the day warmed it seems the fish wanted a faster double grub set up. All colors of grubs worked but I would use something with red in it as the water is very stained. Remember to get your San Carlos permit and there is a 25 Crappie per angler limit there. Also, the lake is low and there are no marker buoys so be careful. While under way stay in the middle of the lake and keep a look out for long points.
Please don’t crowd other anglers out there. We all want to catch fish but we have to remember to respect others. Get there earlier or try other areas. It doesn’t make any sense for everyone to be jammed up in a crowd, then no one benefits. There plenty of Crappie to go around.

For more information on Crappie Fishing and the Arizona Crappie Association, please visit our website at Or you can always come visit me at Bass Pro Shops.

To protect the future of our sport the Arizona Crappie Association practices and promotes the immediate release of all Crappie under 10” in length.

Bill (Piscolli) Eveland

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Re: 1-30-2011 G&F Report
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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.....
It's learning how to dance in the rain.

T.K.O n Da Crappie

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Re: 1-30-2011 G&F Report
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Thanks for the time you put into writing each and every report Bill, we truly appreciate it.