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San Carlos 12/28
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:58 PM »
Left town 6am with my parents and boys for their first trip to San Carlos.  Anticipation was somewhat high given some luck last time I went plus warmer weather lately was hoping to stabilize things.  Got permits at the Circle K leaving Globe.  Air temp 33 degrees at 8:30am on lake and we tried some of the same spots I hit before but never found them.  We caught 1 crappie.  Water temp said 50 degrees.  Graphed same fish I saw 3 weeks ago but they weren't biting - was basically same scenario as sparkchaser wrote in the club members' forum.  Wish I could have gotten on some fish for my parents and kids they are troopers.  Returned crappie back to lake to get bigger for next year.  Weather warmed up, no wind.  We did head up lake to 12 foot and tried a few spots but never really felt the fish were there.  Lake goes on and on up there.   We had 4 rods off the front with bare minnows and 2 jigs off the back.