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Good Friday fishing
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:38 PM »
I went out on Good Friday and found moderate success. I couldn't find them in the shallows so I spent most of my time trolling mid lake, closer to the dam.  The crappie seemed sporadic and spread out, also smaller than average. Kept 15 and threw back another 10 dinks...which was strange because I have never caught that many small ones in a single day.  Caught them trolling roadrunner jigs and minnow rigs. Used a new pre-assembled rig by mr. Crappie called troll-tech.  I was impressed by its design and had no twisting issues.
Jig colors were varied and no certain color seemed to work better than any other.  Minnow and paddle tail design outperformed twister tails, in my experience.  The only fish I caught in the shallows were two carp that I bring home to my neighbor...he says carp is a delicacy where he comes from.

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Re: Good Friday fishing
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Nice job! Thanks for the report