Author Topic: Status of San Carlos Lake from the San Carlos Recreation and Wildlife Department  (Read 4348 times)

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UPDATE: 4/26/18 - from the San Carlos
The main boat ramp over at Soda Canyon Complex is just out of the water. Boaters are still able to launch from the ramp as well as from the shore. San Carlos Lake is at about 4% water level.

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Their update on June 25, 2018: San Carlos Lake has reached below %1 and is experiencing fish kill. So please plan accordingly and choose an alternative. Seneca Lake and Talkalai Lake are open. If you have any questions please feel free to call San Carlos Game and Fish 928-475- 2343

Was browsing another social media site for more recent pictures and so saddened to see such a major fish kill - really like the entire shoreline of dead fish.    At this point, it's gone.

It sure seemed to happen quickly this year people catching fish in May still and just drop quicker than I expected.

I'm amazed it came back as well as it did as fishing this winter/spring was good and that was 4 years (?) since the last drain I think.

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That is sad, I know Piscolli tried to wade through the BS on minimum pools talking to all sorts of people and never got a straight answer several years ago. The tribe has been suing everyone up stream at no cost to them to get more water but they would rather sell it to the farms down stream than keep a decent pool in the lake for recreation. Amazing thing there is CAP water that can be tapped and used down stream near Florence and leave a pool of safe water in the lake. Need to find an endangered species in the lake and then have the US fish and wildlife service come in and set up some rules.
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