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BnM Rods
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:55 PM »
I just got a 10' BnM Pro Staff trolling rod in the mail today that I ordered a few days ago and she's a first-class trolling rod if I ever saw one. The reel seat is placed further up on the butt so it'll fit most rod holders very well. The action is fast and the power is medium but not too stiff. I can see it'll do very well for its intended application. I'm going to order another 10' and probably two 14' so I can troll with four - can't wait to set them up and give 'em a go over at Roosevelt this summer.

I also bought a Buck's Graphite Jig Pole in 10' a little while ago. Like the trolling rod I believe it'll do extremely well for its intended purpose as well. It's also fast action and medium power and balances extremely well with the Pflueger President XT size 30 reel I'll use with it. The President is a bit overkill for a jig rod but should come in handy in the rare event I get a LM Bass on the end.

I was looking through BnM's catalogue and didn't know they made so many quality rods for Crappie and Catfishing. They make some really nice gear. They even have a nice selection of glass rods for Catfish.
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