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Alamo 11/17-19
« on: November 20, 2018, 06:46 AM »
We started Saturday afternon tight lining monnows verically, and found an extremely light bite. We only fished for 2 hours and stayed on the no ski buoy line boating 4. We were fishing right on top of the trees in 25 to 30 FOW

Sunday we fished from 0830 to 1530. We started and ended on the no ski buoy line with a trip up lake to the north shoreline. Various depths, open water, over structure. We tried minnows vertical, crankbaits, and jigs. Ended up boating 4.

Monday we fished from 0900 to 1600. We fished the hazard buoys on the north shoreline. We long lined double jig rigs all day trolling  at . 9 to 1 mph. Best color was BBC. Best depth was 30 to 40 FOW about halfway down in the column. We ended up with 8 for the day.