Author Topic: Is fishing good or bad when we have rain or the chance of bad weather?  (Read 645 times)

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I've got tomorrow off and I'm thinking of heading out to Bartlett early morning.  Looks like there is a 30% chance of rain and a little colder than normal.

What is everyone's thoughts on fishing in these conditions?  More specifically what does the crappie bite normally do?  Is it worth taking the chance with bad weather?


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Art C. at the seminar last night said the barometer going up and down like a yo yo creates havoc on the crappie and they really shut down biting so with this low pressure upon us it is you choice whether to give it a try (will probably have the lake to yourself :dontknow:)
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I'd go and see what the conditions in the morning actually is at the lake.  I've stayed home from a trip(s) given the weather forecast only to find out the weather at my lake of choice was actually not as bad as advertised.  Weather here seems to be very localized (for the most part anyway!!) so what's happening in your part of town might not be the same at the lake.  Anything to avoid da honey do list.....