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Club Information
« on: December 27, 2018, 05:52 PM »
Thank You for your interest in The Arizona Crappie Association (AZCA).  Founded by Bill “Piscolli” Eveland in March 2007, the AZCA was originally formed as a chapter of the American Crappie Association.  In April 2008, the AZCA split from the American Crappie Association and became an independent club being the first and only Crappie fishing club in Arizona.

Dedicated to Protecting & Promoting the sport of Crappie fishing in Arizona, the AZCA membership consists of people from all walks of life from all over the sate.  We are a group of everyday people that have one thing in common – Crappie fishing.  Together we share tips & techniques with each other to better our understanding and success at fishing for that ever-elusive Crappie.  Much of this information is passed on via the Club’s website in the members-only Clubhouse.  This Clubhouse is where members will share detailed information on the Crappie bite at various lakes along with the techniques that are catching fish, a privilege of club membership!

AZCA members meet the second Saturday of every month at various lakes for a day of Crappie fishing followed by the clubs monthly meeting.  See the Club Meetings post for details.

The Club holds two big events every year.  The first yearly big club event is Spring Crappie Fest that is held every April and the second big club event is The Bob Hirsch Crappie Classic held every October and is in remembrance of the late Bob Hirsch, one of Arizona’s great outdoorsman and an outdoor writer.  Both of these events consist of a group campout, potluck dinner, a friendly Crappie fishing derby, and is always a fun weekend!!  Camping for the weekend is free for club members and is paid for by the club, another privilege of club membership!

So if you are a Crappie fanatic like we all are, enjoy being in the great Arizona outdoors and have interest in joining our club – come check us out and attend one of our monthly meetings.  We look forward to meeting you!
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