Author Topic: New Electronics - Who has what installed  (Read 1911 times)

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Re: New Electronics - Who has what installed
« Reply #10 on: March 18, 2019, 10:50 PM »
Cousinlll, grab yourself 2 Solix 15 gen2, Ultrex112, ethernet hub, and while you're at it throw in a Garmin LiveScope with a 15" display.
May as well upgrade to LiPo batteries while you're at it!

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Re: New Electronics - Who has what installed
« Reply #11 on: April 03, 2019, 09:11 PM »
I've got a Lowrance Hook 5 on my dash at the moment but I'm going to upgrade to a 9"-12" with side scan/down scan/regular when I take the Tracker in for scheduled maintenance at the end of this month. When I do I was planning on moving the 5" up on the bow but the more I've been thinking about it the more I'd rather have at least a 9" up front. The front sonar wouldn't have to be anything fancy since I'd only want to use it in the regular or downscan mode to see what's directly underneath the bow, but I'd prefer it be big enough that I could see details from where I'm standing and running the trolling motor. The dash sonar would only be used to locate structure mostly with the side scan. I've never owned a side scan but they look like they'd really come in handy for identifying structure. I've been looking at the Hook2 and a couple other models Lowrance has but I wouldn't use a lot of the more expensive units' features like mapping and all since the lake levels change so much here I don't think it'd be very useful. Also stuff like Bluetooth and all that - I stow any gear that'll interrupt me while underway so I wouldn't be interested in those features either. I need to look more at some of the other brands like Garmin and Humminbird since they make some great sonars too. I've never used Panoptix or any of the real-time sonars so I don't know if I'd like them or not. I don't want to spend too much time following what's on a screen rather than paying attention to what I'm doing. I already have a hard enough time walking and chewing gum.

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