Author Topic: Stay awake when you are fishing our lakes that have filled a bunch this spring  (Read 968 times)

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Make sure you pay attention when fishing our lakes that have filled up so much this spring you don't want an unexpected or wanted back seater with you :o Got these pics off g and f website, guy was fishing Roosevelt, turned around to change lures and had a visitor. Rattle snakes and others don't like water per say but will swim rather quickly from dry land to dry land. A boat looks like a nice island to get out of the water and take a break. They can strike even when in the water just not as well as on land. Have seen rattlers swim across the entire width of Bartlett lake even when the water was not that warm. Lot of critters have been displaced by the big increases in water levels at a lot of our lakes.
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He was able to use his net and encourage the snake to get the @!#$@# out, rather than trying to kill it, which if done incorrectly could have turned out into a worse situation for him.  Glad I have an extendable net.  Besides jumping overboard at the first site of that thing, I'm not sure how I would have handled it.

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It looks to be well fed. I had one chasing my boat in Salome some years back, they can really move across water.