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Rosey 5/18
« on: May 19, 2019, 07:49 PM »
Tough day due to some jackassery on my part.  Got to Tonto end then set up the rods and went to get the net out of the locker and.... no net  >:( . My partner reminds me it's Rosey, don't worry we wont need it for crappie, Hahahahaha. A while later I get a tick and set into a huge slab, thought it was a bass at first. But soon as I got it close to the boat (easy net range) one flip and tink, goodbye big fish contender. My partner Wheathin did his best but really didn't have a shot barehanded the way it was hooked.  Repeat for crappie number two.  Finally rigged up a impression of a net out of a mesh bag, rear boat light, lure retriever, electrical tape, and some heavy braid.  With Wheathin's confidence and help I landed fish number 3 which was a little over a pound but the bite shut off after that.  2 crappie lost, 1 boated dropshotting minnows.  My only consolation would have been a few good bags at the weigh in but nope, I'll never live this down. 

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Re: Rosey 5/18
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