Author Topic: Bob Hirsch Crappie Classic (BHCC) 2020 at Roosevelt Lake Oct 10  (Read 116 times)

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2020 Bob Hirsch Crappie Classic
The AZCA Bob Hirsch Crappie Classic (BHCC) is set!  The location is Roosevelt Lake, Grapevine campground, Coot loop.  This event is open to AZCA members and non-members.  The event includes a crappie fishing tournament, raffle, club meeting (open to the public), a fish fry potluck dinner, and a campfire.  Because of Covid-19, we ask all attendees follow CDC guidelines, maintaining social distance from those who are not within your immediate party, and using masks when needed.

The AZCA has reserved the Coot loop, with first priority to AZCA members.

AZCA members or non-members, we'd love for you to join us. But don't delay! If you think you're going to attend and stay overnight with the group, please let us know by replying on this post.

Here is the weekend agenda:

Friday, October 9th
12 noon: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop: Campers arrive taking the site they reserved ahead of time.

6pm: Center Ramada - Group BBQ and campfire. The AZCA will provide charcoal for grills in the center ramada. Please join us! Bring your own food and drink.

Saturday, October 10th
5:45am-6:30am: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop: The tournament director will take your tournament entry form and checks livewells for the crappie fishing tournament. To save time, please download, read, and sign the tournament entry form and bring with your money. The fishing tournament entry form is attached.

3pm: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop, Center Ramada: Be sure and check-in with the tournament director and do not be late.  You will get your crappie weighed by the tournament director.

4pm: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop, Center Ramada: Announcement of Tournament Winners and presentation of trophies.  If you win, be ready to share your secrets.  We are a club who is open to teaching others what worked and what didn't work and we always ask winners to tells us what worked for them.

4:20pm: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop, Center Ramada: Official AZCA meeting - open to both AZCA members and the public. If you are interested in the club, be sure and join us for this meeting.

4:50pm: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop, Center Ramada: Raffle!  Bring cash so you have a chance to win some of the awesome prizes being awarded.  This is your year to win! See the Raffle Prizes post for more details.

5pm: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop, Center Ramada: Fish cleaning.  This is a great opportunity for AZCA members and non-members to help out.  Please bring your fish cleaning supplies.

6pm: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop, Center Ramada: Fish fry & pot luck dinner open to AZCA members, family and friends, and tournament participants.  The AZCA will fry the fish. Everyone please bring a side dish, desert, etc. to share.

7pm: Grapevine Campground, Coot Loop, Center Ramada: Campfire. Please bring some firewood to share.

Sunday, October 11th
Morning: Campers will pack up and leave at this time and the BHCC 2020 is officially over.  Please help cleanup camp before you leave - let's leave the campground cleaner than when we arrived.

If at the event you have any questions, please reach out to any of the AZCA Officers:
Matt (OneBlade) - President
Dave (sparkchaser) - Vice President & Secretary
Tommy (FishMan) - Treasurer & Membership Director
Tim (timbo) - Tournament Director

Additional information about the AZCA Officers can be found here:,ClubOfficers.html

Additional information about the AZCA can be found here:,ClubInformation.html

If you are interested in joining the AZCA, you can read about our membership process here:,ClubMembership.html

If you have any questions before the event, please message AZCA President Matt (OneBlade) through the website "Send a Message" option (you must be registered on the site and logged in):;sa=send