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Roosevelt 4/9 -10
« on: April 11, 2021, 06:27 PM »
We pre fished for the tournaments Friday staying on the Salt end. Started up near cougar point in 8 to 12 FOW. We threw 1/16  to 1/8th jigs with various color Kalins grubs. We worked our way towards Windy hill mostly staying on the north side of the lake. Only managed 2 males up near Cougar point.

Saturday we stayed up near Cougar point and grinded it out from 6 to 230. We ended up with 18 crappie. All the males were pitch black, but tails weren't bloodied yet. Females were lurking around out a little deeper. Again we stayed in 12 FOW or less. Most of our success was 1/16 once jigs with John deer green Kalins 2 inch grubs. By the end of the day we were catching males right off the banks. We did have a minnow floating around under a slip bobber set about 3 feet below the surface that caught a few.

We weighed in 7 crappie for 11.11 with our biggest coming in at 1.69. Water temps warmed to almost 72 by the end of Saturday