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Alamo 10/22 - 10/23
« on: October 24, 2021, 04:53 PM »
Arrived at Alamo group campground for the BHCC 2021 event Thursday afternoon. Setup camp, then on the water Friday morning about 8am. Fished buoy line mostly on the north/opposite side of cholla launch and then fished area to the east also on north side. Fished in 40-50ft of water and caught 30 crappie on Friday felt pretty good about things. Kept 15 and released 15 to catch another (next) day. Saturday on the water I think 7:30am and went to same places - nada.  Also tried a deeper area 70ft but was a bit later in the morning and felt too late. Then, the wind picked up around 1pm off the water by 1:45pm.  We only caught 3 crappie on tournament day and a few bass, uhhhhggg!!!  We caught our crappie on a mix of bare minnow rigs vertical trolling off front and then jigs tipped with minnow off the back and side of boat. Weather was great I liked having the BHCC event 2-3 weeks later than normal the daytime highs were a tad more tolerable.  On Friday, I got a double so that's one of the pictures.

For more pictures of the BHCC 2021 event, go to,4687.html