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Roosevelt / TNF is closing bermuda flats and horse pasture Tuesday
« on: April 21, 2019, 07:46 PM »
Had heard a rumor and then on the news tonight it was confirmed TNF will be closing Bermuda flats and horse pasture area on Tuesday locking the gates. Apparently they had a fire down there and the fire trucks could not get to the fire :dontknow: there is very little open area and lots of brush with people packed in there like sardines so for safety issues they are closing that area till further notice.

Saw this on the g and f fishing website, according to the post the road was plowed (actually cut out of snow banks?) on April 10th?

Just like they have done in the past when we have a wet winter and for no apparent reason SRP has increased water releases from Bartlett to over 1000cfs and only 400cfs out of horse shoe lake with lots of water still in horseshoe and with no plans to keep any water in horseshoe. Right when the crappie are on the move and the first group trying to spawn up shallow they drop the lake fast so the spawn is screwed up. All that nice flooded brush and now the crappie pull back. Wish people at SRP or on their board of directors were fishermen :angry4: :angry4:

Make sure you pay attention when fishing our lakes that have filled up so much this spring you don't want an unexpected or wanted back seater with you :o Got these pics off g and f website, guy was fishing Roosevelt, turned around to change lures and had a visitor. Rattle snakes and others don't like water per say but will swim rather quickly from dry land to dry land. A boat looks like a nice island to get out of the water and take a break. They can strike even when in the water just not as well as on land. Have seen rattlers swim across the entire width of Bartlett lake even when the water was not that warm. Lot of critters have been displaced by the big increases in water levels at a lot of our lakes.

Looks like they finally got some real moisture over the east side of the state. Looked at the USGS site this morning and San Francisco river is flowing at 6400cfs which dumps into the Gila river and it is flowing at 1500cfs coming out of New Mexico so Carlos should shoot up quick when that water gets to the lake :dontknow:

General Discussion / SB launch ramp is closed at Bartlett
« on: March 05, 2019, 03:24 PM »
Typical TNF no signs or warning, buddy went up to the lake today and wanted to launch at SB cove launch ramp and it is closed so he turned around and went back to main Johoba ramp. He stopped by TNF on the way out and they said the cable to the dock is broken? buddy says everything looked fine other than the dock was part way out of the water but usable so if you go to Bartlett until TNF gets their act together that upper ramp is closed.

General Discussion / WOW!! the runoff has hit Alamo lake
« on: February 15, 2019, 09:47 AM »
Stream and river flows above Alamo lake were impressive this morning the water has made it to the lake it has come up 2' in the last two hours at a foot an hour rise will be interesting for the crappie tournament tomorrow :dontknow: just hope it does not come up as much as in 2003 where the parking lots and ramps were under water :crybaby2:

General Discussion / Horse shoe lake coming up fast!!
« on: February 05, 2019, 05:57 AM »
WOW this last storm which was weak here in the valley really dumped some rain up north and not snow so it melted off a bunch, Verde river is flowing big time up in Camp Verde and now into horseshoe lake with this bigger snow event tonight up there. I am guessing that SRP will start dumping horseshoe soon into Bartlett which will bring the lake up and make it muddy for a while but would be nice to have two ramps back and hoping things settle down by next month :dontknow:

Buddy that bass fishes says there is a large 90-100+ potential boat bass tourney at Bartlett this Saturday 2/2. With just the one launch ramp got to believe it will be quite busy at the ramp and parking lot :dontknow:

They were getting some heavy rain up near Bagdad and those areas yesterday. Alamo water website shows the lake has come up 1' since yesterday and flows in the Big Sandy and Santa Maria are impressive, right now the Big Sandy is flowing at 10,000CFS :o the water has a long ways to go to reach Alamo but hopefully the ground is saturated and the water makes it to the lake. Then we have to wait and see what the CORE does hoping they don't release the water the lake gains since they have not done anything lately on the project with the dam >:(

General Discussion / Cholla ramp at Roosevelt is closed
« on: December 27, 2018, 04:28 PM »
No warning till you pull into the self pay booth, covered with black plastic and you drive another 20yds and gate is closed and locked.

Just a reminder or if you are new to AZ and plan to fish Roosevelt lake this winter. Starting Nov. 15th and running through Feb. 15th. there is a closure (no entry areas posted at Roosevelt lake). Horse pasture is closed to camping and entry from both land and water, also Goose flats on the far side of the lake is closed. G and F puts out "no entry" buoys along those closed areas. You do not want to be caught fishing or hunting inside the closures as it is a criminal citation and quite expensive. Below is the link to the map of the closure area.

G and F crews moved the dock at the main ramp at Bartlett over from the left to the right side of the ramp. The main cable had broken on the original spot and you had to launch tie up then walk over the rock pile to get back to your tow vehicle. It made it hard for people who needed to launch their boat with a rope and pull it to the dock to get the boat off and to the dock. The new placement basically took up 1/2 of launching lane but there is good water on both sides of the dock now and they are going to remove that one black and white buoy out from the dock that is serving no purpose. Private vendor also came in and re-sealed the parking lot and as soon as the rain is gone they will finish striping it.

Chance to help out with habitat in Roosevelt

AZGFD inviting public to construct fish habitat Sept. 28-29

by Nick Walter August 1, 2018
The Arizona Game and Fish Department will be constructing fish habitat at Roosevelt Lake on Friday, Sept. 28, 7 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturday, Sept. 29, 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Volunteers are welcome to come help build these structures.
Meet up at the Windy Hill amphitheater parking lot, where about 200 Georgia cubes (pictured) will be built. Please bring any cordless drills and sawzalls. It will be hot, so come prepared. If you plan on helping us both days, a pass will be provided for free camping in a Forest Service Campground.
If you have any questions, email Bryant Dickens at

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