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General Discussion / AZGFD - Roosevelt Lake Rising
« on: January 10, 2019, 06:50 PM »

Due to the recent storms and run-off, the amount water flowing into Roosevelt Lake has increased dramatically. Both the Salt River and the Tonto Creek are flowing above their normal rates for this time of year. The lake is currently 40% full and rising slightly each day. The water is very clear with the temperature reaching 50 degrees on some morning and rising to 54 degrees on a sunny afternoon.

At the current water temperature, fish metabolism will slow meaning that cold-blooded fish are less active and will eat less. Combine the colder water temperature with the recent storms and large swings in the barometric pressure,  all of these factors are contributing to fishing being called poor. Anglers reports some success using a deep Carolina-rig technique. A few other anglers reporting using jigging spoons such as a Trendsetter jig in deeper depths.

Crappie fishing has been reported as extremely slow; however, if the weather stabilizes for a couple of consecutive days, crappie fishing should improve greatly.  Large schools of crappie are being located in 15-25 foot depths. The bite during colder months can be very slight if vertically fishing. An ultra light rod and a light braided line are always recommended for crappie fishing.

This is not an Arizona Crappie Association sponsored event.  This is being shared by the Arizona Crappie Association as it may be of interested to club members and visitors of this site.  If you have any questions regarding this event, please reach out to the Arizona Mule Deer Organization via the contact info below.

From the Arizona Mule Deer Organization:

Hey Folks! Save the date of Saturday February 16. Arizona Mule Deer Organization will be having a Fundraising Crappie tournament At Alamo Lake, $50.00 entry gets you in for 50% payback of the biggest bag of 10 crappie $25.00 for biggest crappie, and $10.00 for biggest goon fish (that's any fish that's not a crappie). We will have be having hot dogs with all the fixins for a donation.

Rules are as follows - If it's legal per Arizona Game and Fish, then it is allowed. You may have as many people on your boat as is US Coast Guard approved, as long as they are all paid participants (BASS MUST BE ALIVE AND RELEASED BACK INTO THE WATER IF USED FOR GOON FISH!).

All the info is below and you can buy your entry fees through Eventbrite at:

For more info contact Clayton Ross @ 602-740-3292 or Terry @ 623-696-5579. This will be a hoot!!!

Roosevelt / Roosevelt 12/29
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:29 AM »
Fished Roosevelt Saturday, 12/29 with 3 of us in the boat.  We (FishHawk) caught only 1 crappie.  We fished several habitats and some open water, and found fish but couldn't get them to bite.

Club Membership Information / Club Membership
« on: December 27, 2018, 05:58 PM »
Thank You for your interest in becoming a member of the Arizona Crappie Association (AZCA).  Club membership is a simple two step process as outlined below:

The prospective member(s) will attend a monthly club meeting where he/she will introduce themselves to club membership and express interest in club membership.

He/She will then be required to attend a second monthly club meeting within the same calendar year where the prospective member will be voted upon by current club members for membership into the club.  Once voted in, the prospect will be required to fill out a membership application and pay the required club dues. Once completed, access to the AZCA Website’s Members Only Clubhouse will be granted.
Cost of Club Membership: Club Membership dues are $30 annually, $20 for spouses.  Youth membership (minor children under 18 years of age) are free.  After October 1st, Club Membership dues are $20, $10 for spouses.  To pay your dues, please use a personal check made out to "Arizona Crappie Association".

Club Membership runs from April 1st thru April 1st of the next year.

Please see the attached membership application doc.

Club Membership Information / Club Meetings
« on: December 27, 2018, 05:56 PM »
Regular club meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month, unless those dates conflicts with a holiday or special event.  Club meeting dates and times will be posted in the club calendar, in a post under the Upcoming Events thread and in the “News” section on the upper right hand corner of the club’s website.  All club meeting locations and dates (if changed) will be voted upon by membership at previous meetings.

Club meetings are of two different types as described below:

Open Meetings:  There are four (4) open meetings a year that are open to the general public and prospective members to attend.  These four (4) open meetings include meetings during the months of March, April, September and October.

Closed Meetings:  All other club monthly meetings are considered a closed meeting to the general public.  Closed meetings are for AZCA Members and their guests only.  If, however, a prospective member would like to prospect the club as a guest during a closed meeting, you can 1) attend that meeting with a current AZCA club member or 2) express your interest in attending that closed meeting by making a post below that month’s meeting announcement under the Upcoming Events thread, whereas a current club member will usually sponsor you guest access to that meeting.  See that month’s meeting announcement post for further information.

Club Membership Information / Club Information
« on: December 27, 2018, 05:52 PM »
Thank You for your interest in The Arizona Crappie Association (AZCA).  Founded by Bill “Piscolli” Eveland in March 2007, the AZCA was originally formed as a chapter of the American Crappie Association.  In April 2008, the AZCA split from the American Crappie Association and became an independent club being the first and only Crappie fishing club in Arizona.

Dedicated to Protecting & Promoting the sport of Crappie fishing in Arizona, the AZCA membership consists of people from all walks of life from all over the sate.  We are a group of everyday people that have one thing in common – Crappie fishing.  Together we share tips & techniques with each other to better our understanding and success at fishing for that ever-elusive Crappie.  Much of this information is passed on via the Club’s website in the members-only Clubhouse.  This Clubhouse is where members will share detailed information on the Crappie bite at various lakes along with the techniques that are catching fish, a privilege of club membership!

AZCA members meet the second Saturday of every month at various lakes for a day of Crappie fishing followed by the clubs monthly meeting.  See the Club Meetings post for details.

The Club holds two big events every year.  The first yearly big club event is Spring Crappie Fest that is held every April and the second big club event is The Bob Hirsch Crappie Classic held every October and is in remembrance of the late Bob Hirsch, one of Arizona’s great outdoorsman and an outdoor writer.  Both of these events consist of a group campout, potluck dinner, a friendly Crappie fishing derby, and is always a fun weekend!!  Camping for the weekend is free for club members and is paid for by the club, another privilege of club membership!

So if you are a Crappie fanatic like we all are, enjoy being in the great Arizona outdoors and have interest in joining our club – come check us out and attend one of our monthly meetings.  We look forward to meeting you!

Roosevelt / Roosevelt Lake AZGFD Habitat Structures
« on: December 24, 2018, 07:11 AM »
As a courtesy to visitors of this site, I'm posting a link to the Roosevelt Lake habitat structures.  You should visit the link occasionally as it gets updated when they add more habitats:

Please do share your fishing reports, good or bad, to assist others who are into crappie fishing.  You do not have to share where you fished, but it's often nice to hear the general lake reports to get an idea if the lake is on or off.

Roosevelt Lake reports go in this thread:,8.0.html

Roosevelt / Roosevelt 12/22
« on: December 22, 2018, 05:19 PM »
Headed to Roosevelt to scout out a few new habitats and try a few old familiar ones.  On the water by 7:30am and off by 2pm. Got skunked on crappie, sort of knew it was gonna be that kind of day when the first 2 spots came up blank.  Caught several nice b@ss and had 2 lines break from something huge (probably catfish) just take my line and run before I could even get the rod out of the holder or correct the drag.

I have braid/fireline connected to my 8lb fluoro liter and had the 8lb liter break multiple times throughout the day.  Is there a particular brand you guys recommend for the liter line?  Are not all 8lb fluros the same?

Also, I couldn't remember how to tie that darn alberto knot so that was annoying I kept taking out new rods instead of tying new line.  That exposed how bad my backup rods/reels are.  And it exposed how my knot tying skills suck.  It takes me sooooo long to tie.

General Discussion / Government Shutdown Question
« on: December 20, 2018, 06:00 PM »
Possibility of government shutdown tomorrow may impact my hope to hit Rosey Saturday.  Anyone know how that works, like do they just close campsites or do they also close off boat ramps?
Nothing is set in stone and often they make a deal at the last moment (e.g. Friday night).  Wondered if anyone had insight on this.

Upcoming Events / AZCA January 2019 Meeting at Roosevelt Lake
« on: December 09, 2018, 02:33 PM »
The January meeting location will be at Roosevelt Lake on Saturday, January 12th.  The time has not been decided yet but will be posted here within 3 days of the meeting. The meeting will be held at the in the parking lot next to the old fish cleaning station near the Bobcat boat ramp.  See attached map.

For information and history about the AZCA, please see our Club Information thread.

If you would like to become a member, please see our Club Membership and Club Meetings threads.

If you are new to this website or the AZCA Club, please feel free to introduce yourself here by replying to this post.

Roosevelt / Roosevelt 11/24
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:24 PM »
Fished Saturday back again to Roosevelt (twice in a week!), this time with my parents and Ray.  We fished 8 habitats and 2 other areas using drop shot rigs with single hooks, some with grub and some with just a bare hook.  We caught 34 crappie, but kept only 8 for my parents to have for a fish fry.  The rest were released.  Also caught a yellow ba$$, several largemouth ba$$, a sunfi$h, and 2 hefty catfi$h (which Ray kept for his mother in law).  Beautiful weather - haven't had a fishing day like that in a long time and even longer when talking Roosevelt. Also, caught my first blacknose crappie, so that was cool  :headbang:

Roosevelt / Roosevelt 11/18
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:56 PM »
Finally made it to the lake with my youngest and Ray.  On the water by 7:30am we fished primarily tonto side fished some bare minnows and some jigs caught 8 or so crappie and a conglomeration of other non-crappie species.  We fished off the bottom often in or around 25ft of water.  Art, I think I met your neighbor on the lake.  Weather was great - we traveled a lot today checking out various locations from windy hill all the way to cholla.

Crappie Reports / AZ Game and Fish Crappie Report - 11/7/2018
« on: November 08, 2018, 07:12 PM »

Bartlett Lake

The water temperature has dropped from 88 to 69 during the past 3 weeks. Better reports have been coming in from Bartlett that indicate crappie have been moving from deep water to about 10 feet. Some anglers were having success with small crankbaits by the power lines by the dam. Try small jigs or live minnows for crappie in 10 to 20 feet of water during the day. Most crappie have been in the 8- to 10-inch range but some anglers reportedly were catching crappie up to 2 pounds.
Roosevelt and Apache lakes

Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods reported, “Crappie anglers are reporting the best fishing in the past several years on Roosevelt and Apache lakes. Limits of crappie are being caught in just a few hours of fishing in the morning. Large crappie schools can be found in 25-30 foot depths and always in brush, trees or the artificial habitat structures deployed by the AZGFD. A vertical fishing technique is the most popular technique. November is traditionally considered one of the best months for crappie fishing due to the stable weather pattern.”
Alamo Lake

Mark Knapp of Alamo Lake State Park reported the lake is at 1,184 feet with releases of 10 cfs. Cholla Ramp is still open with about 4 feet of usable water over asphault. The main ramp has been high and dry all summer. The dirt ramp is still usable. Crappie fishing is fair to good and some anglers have been averaging 5-10 crappie a day using Roadrunners and minnows slow-trolling 15 feet deep in 30 feet of water. There’s a bit of a night bite by the dam but crappie will be moving up soon.

General Discussion / Alberto Knot - Tieing Braid to Fluoro
« on: November 04, 2018, 03:06 PM »
Art's Johnny Johnson show talked about a 'refined' Alberto knot.  This is used to connect braid main line to fluro although I presume it would also connect to mono (?).  Not sure if this is the same knot as Art uses but I'm gonna try it out:

Upcoming Events / AZCA December 2018 Meeting at Bartlett Lake
« on: October 15, 2018, 07:00 PM »
The December meeting location will be at Bartlett Lake on Saturday, December 8th at 12 noon. The location of the meeting will be on the beach area south of the SB Cove/Yellow Cliffs (closed) boat ramp.  See attached file (BartlettLakeMeetingLocation.png).  This will allow folks to continue to fish afterwards if they desire.

This meeting is for AZCA club members only along with any prospects that have already attended one previous meeting within the last year. Meeting is closed to the general public. Guests of current AZCA members are encouraged and welcome. If you would like to check out our club as a guest member, please post below expressing interest or ask an AZCA member who will be in attendance at this meeting to sponsor you as a guest.

If you are new to our club, please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread:,1563.0.html

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