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Title: Bartlett - 5/6/18
Post by: PhishingPhreek on May 06, 2018, 10:25 PM
Hit up Bartlett with my mom today. Hit the water about 7:45 AM and was off by the 9th inning of the D-backs game (I know this because I was able to catch the end of the game on my radio while loading the boat ;D )

It was a slow and steady day of catching crappie. Managed to catch about 30 crappie between the two of us. Mom caught 6 crappie and a few bass. I caught the rest. There was a time I let her use my pole for 20 minutes and she didn't catch one. She gave it back to me and I managed to boat one in less than 30 seconds. She wasn't too pleased. :lol_hitting:

Did the same thing I've been doing. Looking for submerged trees and rock piles and fishing those. If I don't catch anything or the catching slows down, I move on. Color didn't seem to matter as I was switching between BBC, Purple Rain, Orange Crush, Money, Bubblegum, and Red Hot Mama (yes, that color exists) all day and still managed to catch. If one color slowed down, I would switch until it picked up again.

My biggest catch of the day was this guy...

My mom's first crappie of the day, and first fish in quite a while

3 of the 9 I kept had eggs in them still... wtf is their deal with spawning at this lake?!?
Title: Re: Bartlett - 5/6/18
Post by: OneBlade on May 07, 2018, 07:12 AM
Hey PhishingPhreek, thanks for the report - I bet your freezer is filling up huh?  I really would like to get there once more before it slows down perhaps this weekend.  Were there lots of boats there?
Title: Re: Bartlett - 5/6/18
Post by: PhishingPhreek on May 07, 2018, 10:04 AM
Freezer is definitely filling up with crappie fillets. I'm going to need an off the wall Fish Fry at my house soon! Especially when striper fishing kicks off at Plez. :D

Isn't the May meeting this coming weekend? I was planning on heading out there early afternoon to do some fishing before the meeting and then do a little more before the sun sets. I seems to do a lot better in the afternoon than I do in the early mornings.

As for the traffic, it really depended on where I was fishing. I don't feel like there are more boats than a normal Bartlett weekend, but because it's so low it's extremely congested. When I was rounding the corner at Bartlett Flatts I had 5 boats in front of me with orange flags out and 2 that were actively pulling boaters, but because it's so low the channel through there was stupid small. For someone like Bruce, who is used to fishing weekdays it would have been hell, but I'm a weekend fisherman, so it seemed like a "normal" trip to me.
Title: Re: Bartlett - 5/6/18
Post by: Fishless on May 07, 2018, 05:25 PM
I think there were 5 boats on the lake today :dance: :dance: and I don't think there was another crappie fishermen on the lake, no wake board boats no jet skis we fished where ever we wanted and did not have to commando fish :headbang: