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Let's Talk Fishin (LTF) Crappie Tournament Schedule 2021-2022
Last year, Let's Talk Fishin (LTF) added a crappie tournament to their schedule and they are doing it again this year!

September 11, 2021     Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT
October 23, 2021  Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT
November 20, 2021   Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT
December 11, 2021   Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT
January 22, 2022   Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT *
February 19, 2022   Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT *
March 12, 2022   Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT *
April 2, 2022   Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT *
May 21, 2022    Roosevelt Lake – Windy Hill-BOBCAT *
May 21-22, 2022  Roosevelt Lake -Championship Qualifiers

Please visit and scroll down to Crappie tournament you can view the rules and submit your entry form.  I believe you can also show up on the day of the tournament and join the tournament then, however please confirm with LTF tournament director Tracy Purtee to be sure.

For more info contact Tracy Purtee at 928-978-3659 or email

This is not an Arizona Crappie Association sponsored event.  This is being shared by the Arizona Crappie Association as it may be of interested to club members and visitors of this site.  If you have any questions regarding the LTF tournaments, please reach out to Let's Talk Fishin via the contact info below.

About Let’s Talk Fishin (LTF)

We are dedicated to advancing the sport of fishing through tournaments, youth activities, conservation, and educational events while exposing people to God’s Great Creation. This allows future generations the opportunity to compete in the sport of fishing and for the individual to expand their fishing experience.

We provide a high return on the anglers’ financial investment while running a professional circuit, using state-of-the-art equipment and having knowledgeable & experienced staff.

We strive for high fish release rates, so fish care is one of our top priorities.

Our desire is for all to have fun and have an experience of a lifetime.
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