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Alamo - 10/12/2019 (BHCC)
« on: October 13, 2019, 03:53 PM »
Fished in the BHCC yesterday with my sister on team "Phreek and Late" and caught 20 crappie. We were only allowed to weigh in 7 for the tourney and after measuring them (because my scale was dead), we were at 9.27 pounds with the big fish coming in at 1.46 pounds.

Other than the hour and a half we drove around the lake looking for other possible schools, we trolled the buoy line with the flotilla. We used a drop shot rig with large weights to try and get down to the 20-25 FOW we were fishing. The depth was between 35-45 feet. The schools were here and there, but when I would see us float over a school, like clockwork, one or two of our poles were getting hits. We pulled up several doubles and even had a triple (where two fish were on 1 pole)!

My sister only used minnows and was catching just as many as me. I used minnows on an aberdeen on my top hook and a chart roadrunner with a JDG grub, tipped with a minnow about 8 inches above the bottom weight.

The only key I found was to find the school, drift through it, and be at the right depth. The morning was our most productive fishing, so if you go out there, I highly suggest you get on the water at sun-up.

Hard to see it in the picture, but this was the double on one line that I caught

These are 4 of the largest crappie we caught

These were the 16 crappie we kept. We threw 4 other backs that were clearly not going to make the weigh-in cut

This was just a cool picture I took of all the greebe and ducks floating around

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Re: Alamo - 10/12/2019 (BHCC)
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2019, 06:44 PM »
Thanks for the detailed report.  Not bad for a day trip.